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Opus 500 Solution

Opus 500 is a complete whole-house entertainment solution which provides stunning quality music and video throughout the home and is extremely easy to install, use and service. A single run of Opus’ own Balanced Transmission Cable (BTC) to each zone ensures simple installation and interference free reliable signal transfer. Up to 5 sources of any make can be connected and then controlled by Opus intuitive touchscreen keypads. Various options and accessories are available for every home.


The heart of your Opus system is something you won’t see very often!

With Opus, there are no ugly boxes of electronics or cables to clutter your home. Instead, the Opus hub – essentially the heart of your multi-room system – is hidden out of view – normally in a service cupboard. This is joined by a host of products known as source equipment. These include music and video servers, tuners and other music and video sources which you will be able to fully access from keypads in remotes in each room.


From the service room, bespoke Opus cables travel through the walls in your home to transmit audio, video, two-way command signals and power to the keypads, amplifiers and speakers in each Opus equipped room.


Can Opus be installed in every room?

The extent of Opus’ inclusion in your home is down to you. A standard system will serve four rooms (generally referred to as zones) plus an additional four other rooms with more limited access to sources (these are known as sub-zones). However it’s perfectly possible to specify a system capable of providing coverage to significantly larger properties. In fact Opus will concurrently serve up to 24 zones / 24 sub zones with hi-fi quality music and crisp video! Your Opus dealer will be able to answer any question about your own installation.


iPods™ can integrate seamlessly as well as a wide array of third party controls, so that lighting, security systems and suchlike can also be controlled via Opus wall controls.


Discrete and stylish in-ceiling speakers such as the OS265CC offer almost invisible hi-fi quality sound powered by maintenance free amplifiers.


All this makes Opus the first choice in multi-room entertainment.


Opus 500 System features

  • Complete whole-house audio and video entertainment solutions
  • Each Master Control Unit (MCU) serves up to 8 rooms (4 zones/4 sub-zones)
  • Scalable up to 24 zones/24 sub-zones)
  • Single run of Opus’ Balanced Transmission Cable (BTC) for audio and control to each zone cable ensures easy installation
  • BTC guarantees ultimate audio performance avoiding quality pitfalls commonly associated with “home run” systems
  • Can also be fitted in properties that have been ‘star-wired’ or ‘home-run’ with Cat5e and speaker cable
  • Connect up to 5 sources - any make
  • Integrates with other smart-home solutions including lighting, security etc.
  • A range of wall controls and remotes for every home


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