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Opus 500 Reviews

"The Opus 500 Series is an innovative, yet wonderfully easy to use "whole house" entertainment solution. It comes complete with a built-in radio tuner as standard and includes ceiling speakers, wall key pads, hidden amplifiers and remote control units."
Arabian Homes
"The value proposition that Opus puts forth is that you get a good-sounding, visually elegant and relatively full featured distributed audio system that's easy to install and operate. From the standpoint of sonic value, I felt that the Opus system was highly competitive with products priced in the next upward tier."
Custom Retailer
"Combining a fine sound with the ability to give you music all round your home, this is a fine solution to many an enthusiasts dream."
What Hi-Fi? Ultimate Guide
"This state-of-the-art package connects all your existing hi-fi and home cinema components, delivering music around the home through discreet ceiling-mounted speakers. This set-up is remarkably easy to install and offers stunning value for money."
Smarthouse (Australia)
"If you fancy Beethoven in the bathroom while Barry White is knocking one out in the bedroom, you'll be wanting an Opus multi-room audio system. It enables you to have  music whenever you want, wherever you want and is as simple to use as a standard hi-fi."
"The problem with intelligent homes is that people often consider custom install solutions to be too expensive or technically complex, but that's no longer the case. Thanks to the Opus system's extremely simple cabling scheme, installation is astonishingly straightforward, while the system itself is by far and away the most intuitive and user-friendly design around."
International Smarthouse

"A multi-room Opus solution can put the sound of some conventional single-room systems to shame, all the while offering a much higher degree of convenience and visual subtlety. This comprehensive package offers exceptional value and looks destined to bring multi-room entertainment to a much wider audience."

Hi-Fi Choice

"The keypads are some of the best looking and, with the IR receiving eye, also some of the easier ones to use we've seen at this price point."

Electronic House (USA)


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