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Multi-room explained


TV, video, music and much more when and where you want it with no wires or ugly black boxes… your dream becomes reality!




Ever started watching a movie in the front room but it gets too late and you want to retire to bed? Maybe you have a DVD player and TV in the bedroom …. But imagine being able to access your entire movie and music collection from any room without the need for several separate home entertainment systems and wondering where your DVDs and CDs are.

Total flexibility…
A properly planned and installed multi-room system will offer you access to your music and movie collection in any room you choose – even the garden and garage. No ‘tinny shower radio’ to contend with in the bathroom and think of the extra space you’ll gain in the kitchen without that micro system taking up valuable counter space.

Tell me how it works…
Now think of all the time you’ve wasted looking for CDs and DVDs. With a multi-room system all your content is stored centrally in one chosen location and can be accessed using wall mounted keypads and remotes.

Wall touch screens and remotes enable you to enjoy different music and video in different rooms at the same time. Or maybe you’re having a party and want the same music in the living room, kitchen and hall? All this is possible thanks to Opus multi-room entertainment.

And that’s not all…
How many times have you wished that great hi-fi sound didn’t mean ugly black boxes, ungainly speakers and all that wire spaghetti?

All this is history with a multi-room system because all the control components and sources such as music and video servers, DVD players, tuners etc are hidden away in one centralised service area and connected to each room using hidden cables.

Isn’t it time you took a deeper look into multi-room entertainment?

To find out more, why not watch our
free virtual multi-room tour?


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